Struggling for the Soul of America

OCCUPY! Protesters Speak Out  Against Endless War and Reckless Greed


Recent Reflections on the Occupy Movement

Seattle WTO Shutdown ’99 to Occupy: Organizing to Win 12 Years Later  By David Solnit — December 5, 2011

Building the World We Want  By Michael Nagler — Metta Center for Nonviolence — Dec. 22, 2011

New forms of nonviolence and leadership emerging in OCCUPY movement? Why Occupy Wall Street will keep up the fight — a November manifesto Occupy Wall Street’s commitment to nonviolence

Stop the Machine! Create a New World:

the Occupation in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC by David Hartsough How to Destroy the OCCUPY Movement and How to Prevent It From Failing   by Paul K. Chappell Non Violent Civil Disobedience Training Talks 10 Ways to Support the Occupy Movement (From YES Magazine) Faith in the 99 percent: What Drives Occupy Wall Street?  —  By Starhawk  OCT 20, 2011 ” We are the 99 percent ” The chant thunders through the streets, from Wall Street in New York City, where the Occupy movement began, to K Street in Washington, where high-paid lobbyists influence government   to streets in cities and small towns all across the nation. In hundreds of   Occupations , ordinary people have been moved to fill parks and streets and squares with signs, tents, impromptu soup kitchens, intense conversations and lengthy meetings.What’s going on? Pundits splutter about the movement’s lack of ‘demands’ and coherent messaging, but sound bites and 10-point programs arise from central committees and top-down hierarchies. The Occupy movement demonstrates a very different model of organizing: emergent, decentralized, without a command and control structure. Read the rest of this entry »

Medea Benjamin interviewed on the streets of Washington by The Metta Center


Peaceful People Power + Mike Myers Visits Occupy NYC


U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio

Explains to Congress the Protestors Frustrations


Freedom Plaza participant explains protests.


The Choice to be a Rebel or a Slave